ABOUT Benoit Pigeon

Photography has been part of my entire life, first with film, later with digital technology.  I received a formal education  in the field of photography learning the proper use of view cameras, hand printing and film processing in Europe.


In the late nineties, I was hired as in-house photographer in a pre-press house. Quality digital cameras were sparse with limited training available and the cameras generated RAW files only.  Working for the printing industry allowed me to understand how to apply curves and read files for specific values early on and is still valuable today.


In 2005 I created Pigeon Photography Inc, quickly moving to the studio I operate from today. My work is divided  between location and studio.


Beside clients work, I enjoy testing and learning from photography experiments.  It might be faux Instagram effects from quality camera images to night photography of race cars.  A track for example could use different color temperature of lights. In extreme situations these would be nearly impossible to control even in post. However even late in the night a sunset look can be created.  learning and keeping up is important in this industry.

Pigeon Photography  - Roanoke, VA  with a  Studio in Salem, VA    540-589-2219