ABOUT Benoit Pigeon

 I received a formal education  in the field of photography learning the proper use of view cameras, hand machine printing and film processing in Europe. Photography has been part of my entire life.


In 2005, I created Pigeon Photography Inc, quickly moving to the studio where I since operate. My work is divided  between location and studio. Most of my work is direct with companies with their advertising and graphic departments.  Clients are from the east coast including regular accounts in NYC.  Files are processed to specs allowing for direct placement into documents, a time saving that allows staff to not have to deal with the complex  color separation. In 2017 I put my own work into a self published automotive magazine (Legal&Outlaw). It is a product I proudly use when meeting with potential new clients to show how my work appears on printing press.


Beside client work, I do a lot of testing, new techniques, new equipment in series of personal projects.


Pigeon Photography  - Roanoke, VA  with a  Studio in Salem, VA    540-589-2219